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The Swiss Chamber of Economics (SCE) was founded in the last century as an institutional non-profit economic association and economic organization. In 2022 we celebrate our great founding anniversary.

The significant contribution of the SCE to the development of economic relations between Switzerland and the international state communities has been officially recognized by the authorities of the Swiss State.

We are controlled, audited, approved and registered with state authorities, public company registers and offices.

Our high reputation and competences and international standards set standards and therefore we enjoy a very high reputation in Switzerland, the trust of our members but also from the side of authorities and institutions worldwide.

The SCE is a very exclusive and high class organization and at the same time an economic association that works for the development of economic relations between Switzerland and the whole world, especially in areas such as investments, trading, import and export, multinational cooperation and exchange of technological goods.

Our customized services and support are mainly offered to our members only. Sustainable social, ethical and environmental responsibility as well as entrepreneurial impulses, regional roots, international networking and globality are of paramount importance, as are the guidelines of Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Every individual and every company has a special history with which emotions and memories are associated. We want to preserve this history, develop it over generations and create lasting value.

The goal of the SCE is to strengthen relations between Switzerland and the rest of the world economy by promoting common, long-term economic interests.

An action program, adopted annually by the Board of Directors, helps achieve the SCE's goals to develop and promote economic and trade cooperation between Switzerland and other countries around the world.

We like to work a lot, precisely and reliably and our work and actions are guided by the principles of SWISSNESS.

Swissness or Suissitude are positive connotated attributes such as fairness, precision, reliability, and political stability, diplomatic neutral and natural openness, which are summarized in one term and are considered typical Swiss characteristics. That is why Swiss people never talk about money.

It is not in the interest of the SCE to participate directly in any commercial activity or to be involved in any financial, economic, industrial or other commercial projects with its own financial resources.

Instead, the SCE focuses on maintaining close relationships with partner organizations, government agencies of all countries and the European Union, business associations, industrial and commercial companies, as well as organizations such as the UNECE, OECD, ICC, WEF the WORLD-BANK and DEVELOPMENT BANK’s.

However, the SCE can act in an advisory capacity for economic, industrial or other commercial projects and transactions, and in the capacity of consultant, financial engineer and/or payment coordinator, appropriately monitor the financial and economic aspects as well as the monetary flows of the projects in order to ensure and guarantee their realization and implementation.

In order to achieve these goals, the SCE is active in Switzerland and worldwide. This creates the conditions for safeguarding the common interests of all members of the Swiss Chamber of Economics.

For the implementation of the offered services, SCE cooperates with renowned Swiss and international banks and financial institutions, which are carefully selected.

The SCE does not only want to maintain and promote economic relations, but also to foster the understanding of a different culture among the members of its worldwide partner organizations. Understanding the specifics of a business partner's culture is certainly a solid basis for a long-term, trustful cooperation in a cultural and economic environment.

Our Members

SCE members include public and private corporations, financial services companies, industrial companies, commercial companies and individuals.

Our Goals in Brief

We promote economic relations between Switzerland and the world. Promote the exchange of goods, public services and technologies. Support and facilitate investments, cooperation’s and strategic economic alliances.

Our goal is to work on and realize comprehensive problem and situation solutions for the needs of our members and cooperation partners, in terms of global or specific challenges.

High standards of discretion and quality of our own work, a wide range of services, cross-border knowledge and an extensive field of relations are the basis of our consulting and acting activities.

The SCE refrains from denominational, political and religious activities.

Our regulatory control body

A high-level independent supervisory commission.

Our Services

  • Financial information and research.
  • Bank and Banking affairs.
  • Preparation of contacts and transactions.
  • Legal, tax and financial consulting.
  • Representation of interests on point.
  • Fiduciary services, supervision, trust and custody services.
  • Incorporation, organization and management of Swiss companies.
  • Mergers, acquisitions and takeovers.
  • Assistance in communication with stakeholders, with authorities and other governmental bodies and organizations.

(The list of services is not exhaustive)

We maintain a wide range of services for individuals or for companies and also in crisis situations. We focus on individual needs solutions and not on a standard procedure.

We go the extra mile, which is sometimes needed, and also look around the corner.

Quality • Loyalty • Integrity • Motivation

By quality we mean that we protect your interests with all due care. We constantly educate ourselves to provide up-to-date and relevant know-how, we work according to the dual control principle, we document our work, we do it well, and we do it with pleasure.

By loyalty we mean that we are committed to our legal system. You can assume that we always stay within the legal framework and take the appropriate measures. But loyalty also means that we avoid conflicts of interest and disclose potential conflicts of interest.

Integrity: Our independence is a high priority for us. We therefore also say what we do not do:
We do not represent parties in conflict situations, we do not arrange financing, we do not finance ourselves, we abstain from asset management and we do not accept mandates that expose us to cluster risks.

Motivation: The SCE is designed to be a long-term partner for members and investors. We believe in providing meaningful, beneficial services. Our very long history fills us with pride.

The SCE is always at the side of its members and supports their efforts in a climate of mutual trust. We always guarantee our members and cooperation partner’s exemplary and excellent support.

We have the solutions even in crisis situations and can help and support our members.

Our services are available only to our members with information and advice to achieve all goals and we constantly optimize our services based on the needs of our members.

We offer only individual customized solutions. Don't hesitate and get started. One click is enough. Fill out the application form and sends it to us.

Confidentiality and security are of utmost importance to us and we act according to the principles of sustainability. We are subject to the Swiss guidelines of legal confidentiality and secrecy.

Private individuals or legal entities (companies, organizations, etc.) interested in becoming members of the Swiss Chamber of Economics undergo a strict admission procedure according to the KYC principle.

We are registered at the

  • WCF, World Chambers Federation, in Paris
  • ICC, International Chamber of Commerce, in Paris
  • WCN, World Chambers Network, in Paris
  • OECD, Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development, in Berlin

We are registered participant of the

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Important NOTE

We would like to point out that we do not offer public service and therefore a personal meeting and/or information and advice by telephone is only possible after a written request by e-mail.

Wir weisen darauf hin, dass wir keinen Publikumsverkehr anbieten und deshalb ein persönliches Treffen und/oder telefonischer Auskunft und Beratung nur nach schriftlicher Anfrage per E-Mail möglich ist.